Thursday, March 22, 2012

Artist's Way II/ Pura Vida

I just returned from a two week trip to Costa Rica.  What a beautiful country!  The rainforest is exquisite with so many birds and animals and beautiful trees and flowers.  The people were also lovely and very warm and friendly.  Their beautiful national saying is "Pura Vida".  The literal meaning is "pure life" but it also means plenty of life and full of life.  Because I teach "Artist Way" classes I realized that Julia Cameron, through her exercises, encourages people to find their passion and enthusiasm for life rather than just doing what they think they should do.  She helps people to release past negative experiences that have limited their potential and  open to a greater creative life however that may manifest.  She guides people to "Pura Vida".

Mandala  Picture by Diane Tibbitts

In May I am going to teach a follow-up to a Fall Artist's Way Class I taught in Jacksonville, Or.  We are going to finish the last six chapters of the book.  Already I have seen people in the class grow and expand their idea of who they are.  The group support provided by the class is such an important part of this process.  This class is closed but if you have a group of seven or eight people that would be interested in working through the book with my leadership please contact me, or 541-608-9238.  If someone volunteers their home for class meetings I can keep the cost of the class pretty low.  It usually comes out to about $10 per week, per person so a 6 week class would be $60, etc.
                                                                       Pura Vida

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Card #7

My stepdaughter and grandchildren were visiting for a few days so haven't been working on cards.  Today I had a few minutes to work and created this card with an Asian looking design.  I love the earth colors and the simplicity of the card.  Creating 35 cards is harder than I thought it would be.  The next card I create will be in a Spring mode.