Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Pendant Testimonial

"I received so many comments on my pendant.  Everyone was amazed it was made with flower petals.  I love it!"

Mary Ehlers, Ashland, Or.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nature Pendants

Creating my tiny nature pendants has been a wonderful journey.  Being in beautiful natural settings has brought so much joy, happiness and peace into my life and so creating these tiny landscapes allows me to bring joy, peace and happiness to others.

"Mountain Lake" Pendant Testimonial:

"I really love my necklace.  Not only does it go with alot of my outfits, but I can wear it anytime, anywhere.  Honestly, every time I've worn it, someone will ask about my necklace and remark to me how pretty they think it is."
Judy Marshall, Jacksonville, Or.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pressed Flower Pendants...Unique Holiday Gifts

I now have this pressed flower art pendants for sale on my website in the Pressed Flower Art Store.  Each landscape pendant comes with a cord.  Click on the store to see cords.  The four outdoor designs are:  Bright Sailboat, Mountain Lake, Tropical and Night Moon.  Because they are handcrafted each design will have some variation but will retain the basic design.  The actual size is 1" x 2".  For out-of-town orders the price is $25.95 plus shipping($3.50)  For orders of three or more shipping is free.
For local orders people can call or e-mail me and save on shipping if they pick the pendant up at my house or have it delivered at a convenient location.  The unique aspect to these pendants is that they are made out of pressed flowers and leaves and because they are so small it requires great patience and care on my part.  I use flowers that retain their color quite well.  Avoid exposing pendants to long periods of direct sun.
Click on Pressed Flower Art Store