Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mandala Design Christmas Card

Yesterday I created a holiday card that I really like.  The card is white and I have a black background to so you can see the edges of the card.  I colored a large mandala design and then shrunk it down to half it's size.  I added the design to the card with rub-on letters.  I added glitter and ribbon and I love the look.  My husband said it has an international look.  The design is taken from a 12th century bronze plate located in Khurasan, Iran.  This could be done with any mandala design.  There is some magic in shrinking them as the colors change and somehow they look different.  Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Many Blessings!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I am back to creating after a health crisis with my mother.  Right now I am very drawn to earth colors.
I received several packets of faded flowers from a deceased flower artist and wasn't sure what to do with the muted colors as I am used to using bright colors.  As I worked with these flowers I became very fond of their neutrality and subtle beauty.  I realized that in the growth cycle often I have thought of the disintegration cycle as not that beautiful but in working with these flowers I can see that all of the cycles of growth have their own unique beauty including the death cycle.
Also as I was working on this I dicovered a small bug that was pressed in the process.  The bug is glued to the bottom of the swithplate.  I wonder is you can see her.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bookmarks as Therapy

                                                                                                                                                                              It has been awhile since I have written in my blog. My mother is 93 and has had some serious health issues recently and is now in a Rehabilitation Center. I realize that I am dealing with the grief of loosing my mother and I know working with pressed flowers gives me a focus and calms my mind.
I think that flowers have such beautiful, healing energy and working with them in stressful times is one of my forms of therapy. I call it "Pressed Flower Therapy".....Finally attached is a copy of the bookmark I made in my last post and a couple of others that are laminated.  The final touch will be to add a ribbon at the top.  I like the soft look of these "Soft Pink Series". 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pressed Flower Bookmark Recipe

Bookmark Recipe

1. Cut velum paper in 7"x 2" rectangle shapes
2.  Glue on asparagus fern in a garland design.  See above example
Use small dots of white glue.
3.  Create a design before gluing,using the flowers you have.
4.  Glue design down
5.  Sign your name at the bottom of the bookmark
6.  Put touches of liquid glitter in places you choose.
*When the glitter dries you can put the bookmark in a
flower press to flatten it if you like.
7.  Laminate bookmark and trim.
8.  Punch hole at the top and put on a ribbon.

The bookmark shown in the picture here has not yet been laminated.
I will show a picture after I do that.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Today I pressed asparagas fern in preparation to make holiday bookmarks.  I have signed up for a holiday bazaar at the Children's Advocacy Center in Medord. This center does incredibly important works in giving abused, neglected and traumatized children another chance at childhood.  My booth fee will go to this very worthwhile organization.  In my next blog I will give instructions on how to make my unique pressed flower bookmark recipe.  So stay tuned.

I am also continuing to prepare for the "Islamic Mandala" Workshop that Louise Pare and I are offering on November 13.  I went to the website "Islam 101" and read about the 'Five Pillars' of Islam which are the foundation of Muslim life.  I will share some of my notes with you:

1.  The first pillar is Iman or Faith
      The only pupose of life is to serve and obey God and is achieved through the teachings and practices of
      Last Prophet, Muhammad.

2.  The second pillar is Salah or Prayer
      Obligatory Prayers are performed five times a day and are a link between the worshipper and God. 
      Prayers are said at dawn, mid-day, late afternoon, sunset and nightfall.  Prayers contain verses from the
      Qur'ran and are said in Arabic.  They can be said in a Mosque or most anywhere. Prayers are central in
      daily life.

3.  The third pillar is Zakah or Financial Obligations
     An important principal of Islam is that everything belongs to God and wealth is held in human trust.  
     Zakah means both "purification" and "growth".  Possessions are purified by setting aside a portion for
     those in need and for society in general.  Each Muslim calculates his or her Zakah individually.  It
     involves an anual payment of a fortieth of one's capital, excluding primary residence, car and professional
     tools.  A person may also give as much as he or she pleases as sadaqu-h, "voluntary charity".

4.  The fourth pillar is Sawm or Fasting
     Every year during the month of Ramada-n, Muslims fast from dawn until sundown, abstaining from food
     drink, and sexual relations with spouses.Those who are sick, elderly, menstrating, pregnant or nursing,
     or on a journey may break a fast and make up equal number of days later in the year if they are healthy
     and able.  Children usually begin fasting from puberty.  Fasting for Muslims is mainly a method of
     self-purification and self-restraint so one can be constantly aware of the presence of God.

5.  The fifth pillar is Hajj or Pilgrimage
      The Pilgrimage to Makkah(the Hajj) is an obligation only for those who are physically and financially
      able to do so.  Makkah is located in Saudia Arabia.  Over 2 million people go to Makkah each year.
      It begins in the 12th month of the Islamic year which is lunar and not solar so sometimes falls in Summer 
      and sometimes Winter.The close of the pilgrimage is marked by the festival the 'Id al Adha' which is
      celebrated with prayers and exchange of gifts in Muslim communities everywhere.  This and the 'Id al
      Fitr, a festive day celebrating the end of Ramada-n, are the two holidays of the Islamic calendar.

Again, I am struck by the devotion of the followers of the Religion of Islam and how the virtues of  love, charity, and humility are stressed. It requires a great deal of personal commitment. It has been very interesting educating myself on 5 Pillars of Islam and seeing how devoted and commited Muslims are to serving God.  As I study the Islamic Designs I can see how the religion has influenced their look.  More Later.

November 13 Islamic Mandala Workshop Information

Please join us Saturday, November 13 from 10am - 4pm at the Rogue Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 87 Fourth St. in Ashland for an Islamic Mandala Workshop. Together we will gain a general understanding of the religion of Islam and find deeper meaning and understanding about ourselves using Islamic mandalas and free form movement expression. Coloring mandalas connects us to our center and can bring increased awareness, balance and harmony.

Janet London is facilitating this workshop in tandem with Louise Pare, PhD. A dynamic women's spirituality and movement healing arts educator and published writer, Louise has a doctorate in Women's Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She is the director of the Center for Women's Spirituality Education and Empowerment, where she offers classes.

Janet has a Master's degree in counseling from Antioch University and currently operates London Hummingbird Arts, where she offers mandala classes and coaching.

Pre-registration is required for this workshop. Please call Janet London at 541.608.9238 or email

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I have been preparing for the "Islamic Mandala Workshop" that Louise Pare, Ph.D. and I are offering on Nov. 13 in Ashland, Or.  I have done some reading about the Religion of Islam and am struck by the strong devotion to the workship of God and how this devotion seems to be a way of life as opposed to something a person does on one day a week or occasionally.  I colored a mandala from a coloring book entitled,  "Islamic Mandalas", by Klaus Holitzka.  The design is taken from the Koran and as I was coloring, I experienced this devotion and saw love woven through every part of the design.(The design is pictured above.)  The designs in the coloring book are so intricate and beautiful and coloring  them is giving me a better understanding of the Religion of Islam.

I also purchased a poetry book entitled, " The Soul of Rumi" by Coleman Barks.  Rumi was a 13th Century Persian poet, philosopher and mystic of Islam (Sufi mystic).  His doctrine advocates unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity and awareness through love.  His peaceful and tolerant teaching has  appealed to people of all sects and creeds.  He believed passionately in the use of music, poetry, and dance as a path for reaching God.  In listening to music and turning(Whirling Dervishes) or doing sacred dance, the seeker symbolically turns toward the truth, grows through love, abandons the ego, finds the truth and arrives at the Perfect.  The seeker returns from this spiritual journey with more maturity, to love and be of service to the whole creation without discrimination with regards to races, beliefs, classes, etc.  I am beginning to read the poetry that is so beautiful and soulful.  I will share some of the poetry that speaks to me in my next blog.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hummingbird Arts 2010 Fall Classes and Workshops

My beautiful flier is a little too large to show it all at full size and a little hard to read at the next size down, so I'll write the details of my Fall 2010 class and workshop schedule for you here:

This fall London Hummingbird Arts LLC offers several mandala workshops and classes, starting with a Free World Mandala Workshop on Saturday, September 18, 2010!

Free World Mandala Workshop
In this workshop, you can choose a mandala to color from traditional Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Celtic, Native American and Islamic designs. Enjoy coloring your mandala, then reflect and write about what your colored mandala tells you about yourself, and share in a supportive environment.

Saturday, September 18 from 1-4pm.
Jacksonville Public Library, 340 C Street, Jacksonville, Oregon
Facilitator: Janet London, M.Ed.

This workshop is limited to 20 participants and pre-registration is required. For more information and to register, please call Janet at 541-608-9238 or email

Fall 2010 Classes and Workshops

World Mandala Class
Four Mondays: Sept. 27 - Oct. 18, 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Medford location, Fee: $45.
Facilitator: Janet London, M.Ed.

Native American Mandala Workshop
Saturday, October 16, 10am - 3pm, Jacksonville location, Fee: $50.

Facilitators: Jill Cobb and Janet London, M.Ed.

Islamic Mandala Workshop
Saturday, November 13, 10am - 4pm, Unitarian Center, Ashland. Fee: $60-$75 (sliding scale).

Facilitators: Louise Pare, Ph.D. and Janet London, M.Ed.

Circles of the Sacred Feminine

Saturday, December 11, 1pm - 4pm. Medford location, Fee: $25.
Facilitator: Janet London, M.Ed.

Pre-registration is required.
For more information and to register, please call Janet at 541-608-9238
or email

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Free World Mandala Workshop

Where:  Jacksonville Library, 340  "C" St., Jacksonville, Or.

When:  Sept. 18, 2010.  1-4 p.m.

Pick a madala to color from a traditional Hindu, Buddhist,  Christian, Celtic, Native American and Islamic designs and write about what the colored mandala tells you about yourself.  Share in a supportive group environment.  Facilitator:  Janet London, M.Ed.

 Limited to 20 participants.  Registration Required.  To register or for more information call Janet,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Rogue Community College Art Show

My picture entitled, "Inanna's Descent" was selected for a show at RCC entitled,
"Who Does She Think She Is?"  The openning of the show will be July 30, at 5:30 p.m. at the Higher Education Center at RCC.  A movie by the same name will be shown, followed by a discussion.  The movie addresses the creative lives of women and the challenges of juggling all the roles they have.  There are many beautiful artworks by talented women artists so I encourage you to view the show.  The show will be up at the Higher Education Center until October 1. For further information call Betsy Lewis at Art Events Production,  541-890-1453.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mandala Card Designs

The Mandala Card Designs continue to flow out of my brain.  I just love it when the last petal is put on the design and it pulls together like magic.  The mandala designs are so fun to create with flower petals.  This form appeals to me more than landscape designs.  Back to work.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pressed Flower Mandala Cards

I am continuing to create items for my June 19 Pressed Flower Art Sale.  Today I am focusing on cards.  I am using mostly petals and creatin designs with them.  In the above example I used alstromeria petals with a larkspur in the middle Alstromeria leaves are great to use in mandala designs because of the variations in the pedals.  Some of the leaves look like feathers.  There is something so calming about creating mandala designs and they look so beautiful as well.  If you would be interested in custom order cards, e-mail me at
Have a great day and enjoy the beauty around you.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dinner with World Mandala Class Members

I had dinner with two World Mandala Class members, Carol Irwin and Jill Cobb.  We dined at the McCully House in Jacksonville, Or. and had a delicious halibut dinner.  We talked about how much we enjoy coloring mandalas and processing them in a group.  Jill mentioned how she likes to see what comes out of a person when they color.  Often what comes out of the inside of a person is different from what we may see on the outside.  Jill and Carol are both inspired, creative mandala artists and will be the next two designers of the free downloads on my website.  Above is the colored version of Carol's design entitled, "Pathway to the Sun".  Carol designed and colored this beautiful design which will be the free July download in my mandala store.  Jill will create the August free download design so stay tuned!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pressed Flower Light Switch Plates

I spent the day gardening in my flower beds and pots.  My cosmos are coming up nicely and look so fresh in the bright pink, dark pink and white colors.  I have them bordered with white yarrow and they lead to the front door welcoming those who come to visit.  When I finished gardening I completed two light switch plates for my arts and craft show which are little flower gardens in themselves.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Congregational Church

I was invited to teach a Mandala Coloring Class to a Sunday School Class at the Congregational Church in Medford.  Once again the children were so fun to work with and I enjoyed their colored designs.  The positive feedback they gave following the exercise was so mindful and sweet.  After the class was done I went to the coffee hour and a woman came up and ask if I would do a mandala class for the adults.  I told her I would do a free workshop so will keep you posted when that happens.

The above mandala is my Mandala for Meditation design which is a free download in the Mandala Store and was colored by Barb Wallgren.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A few days ago I received a colored mandala design.  The design is a free download on my website in the Mandala Store and entitled, "We Are Here".  The design was created by my friend Cheryl Walden  and colored by Barbara Wallgren.  Barb has taken mandala classes from me and really enjoys coloring the free downloads and I am very grateful that she shares her beautiful colored mandalas.  The above mandala is the one colored by Barb.

Yesterday I talked about symmetrical mandalas.  Not all mandalas are symmetrical.  Some are pictures drawn inside a circle.  I will share more about this later.  I am having a pressed flower art sale on June 19 and must get to work on making some pressed flower light switch plates.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Today, I am thinking about the restorative aspects of coloring a symmetrical mandala.  The structure works to support the person coloring and conveys that harmony is possible, even in times of chaos and challenge.  I read an interesting story in Mandala for Meditation, edited by Zoe Frances.  There was a young female doctor who had to work a year's residency in a psychiatric ward.  She was assigned to the geriatric ward where there was little therapuetic activity.  She handed out some mandala coloring designs and colored pencils to see what would happen.  Soon the entire ward was decorated with mandalas, and more and more people started to color them.  The doctor began to notice amazing changes in her patients.  They seemed calmer and more centered and the overall atmosphere became more harmonious and lighthearted.

This symmetrical June Moon design was colored by Susan Dunn.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dharma School

Yesterday I facilitated a Mandala Coloring Class at the Dharma School at the Buddhist Center I attend.  (KSC in Ashland.)  I was totally amazed at the spontaneity and joy that arose when the children colored.  They lack the "inner critic" that so many adults, including myself, have when doing the same task.  After they colored, the children and teachers shared what they like about each other's coloring.  What mindful and detailed feedback the children gave.  I left feeling joy, exhilaration, and gratitude that I had this opportunity.  A sixteen year old girl named Emma, who helps teach the younger children also colored a mandala and added words to go with what she colored.  The words she added were:
                                                      May no harm come to you
                                                      May you be at peace
                                                      May your eyes be deep like the sea
                                                      May your heart be solid like a  mountain
                                                      And may your mind be free like the sky

Here is a picture of her mandala.
 Thanks Emma for your generosity in sharing this!                                   


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

London Hummingbird Arts News Update

This weekend I put up mandala bookmarks created by Jan Ferris for sale on my website. I made the first sale yesterday. The customer purchased a set of 10 as a graduation gift for her minister's daughter. She thought they were the perfect graduation gift. I am quite happy about what a great gift the sets are if a person wants to send a small but meaningful gift.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Authentic Joy donation benefits Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County

My prints were recently moved from where they were on display for the month of April at the Goodbean Cafe in Jacksonville to their May location at Joyfull Yoga, also in Jacksonville. As it happened, Joyfull Yoga was hosting a benefit event for the Children's Advocacy Center the Saturday (May 15th) after I placed my prints there, and as this is a cause I truly believe in, I offered them a print of my latest original pressed flower mandala, "Authentic Joy." They gladly accepted, and rather than add it to the list of raffle items others had contributed, the owner, Louise LaVergne, decided to auction it separately. Though I only brought it to them a couple of days before, miraculously it wound up framed by the day of the benefit. The great news is that Linda Otto (a teacher of infant massage) won the auction with a bid a little higher than my regular price for this print!

I was unable to attend the event myself, so my webmistress Hannah West represented me there. She says she was deeply moved by the executive director's opening speech introducing the Center and its mission, and as she prepared to speak to the audience about my contribution, she realized how many connections, some going back several years, had resulted in my participation in this event, and in how many ways my print was appropriate for this occasion. I created "Authentic Joy" last year as the third of a series of three mandalas beginning with "Inanna's Descent" and progressing to "Ego Disintegration," with "Authentic Joy" as the conclusion, symbolizing the healing of a broken life. I did my best to put into it all the joy of the healing I myself experienced. Hannah said the audience responded very positively to the presentation. Pictured are Hannah with Linda Otto and Marlene Mish, Executive Director of the Children's Advocacy Center.

The benefit was a sucessful one, but the CAC needs ongoing support in their efforts to give abused, neglected and traumatized children another chance at childhood. If you would like to do something to help, here's the link to their website:Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County. You can also call them at (541) 734-5437.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Put this date on your Calendar!!!!

On Saturday, June 19, there will be a Pressed Flower Art Sale at London Hummingbird Arts with bookmarks, cards, vases, light switchplates and more. Microfleur Flower Presses, Mandala Coloring Books and Packets will also be available to purchase. Barb Wallgren of Cowboy Flowers will have a selection of live plants for sale, and glass artist Jannie Ledard will have her beautiful fused glass jewelry and stained glass mandalas for sale.

There will be free mandala postcards to color that you can take home with you. Refreshments will be served and free print bookmarks will be given to the first 10 people that walk through the door.

Don't miss the fun! Call or e-mail me if you have questions or need directions. Hope to see you there!

Janet London, M.Ed.
Artist, Mandala Coach