Monday, May 17, 2010

Authentic Joy donation benefits Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County

My prints were recently moved from where they were on display for the month of April at the Goodbean Cafe in Jacksonville to their May location at Joyfull Yoga, also in Jacksonville. As it happened, Joyfull Yoga was hosting a benefit event for the Children's Advocacy Center the Saturday (May 15th) after I placed my prints there, and as this is a cause I truly believe in, I offered them a print of my latest original pressed flower mandala, "Authentic Joy." They gladly accepted, and rather than add it to the list of raffle items others had contributed, the owner, Louise LaVergne, decided to auction it separately. Though I only brought it to them a couple of days before, miraculously it wound up framed by the day of the benefit. The great news is that Linda Otto (a teacher of infant massage) won the auction with a bid a little higher than my regular price for this print!

I was unable to attend the event myself, so my webmistress Hannah West represented me there. She says she was deeply moved by the executive director's opening speech introducing the Center and its mission, and as she prepared to speak to the audience about my contribution, she realized how many connections, some going back several years, had resulted in my participation in this event, and in how many ways my print was appropriate for this occasion. I created "Authentic Joy" last year as the third of a series of three mandalas beginning with "Inanna's Descent" and progressing to "Ego Disintegration," with "Authentic Joy" as the conclusion, symbolizing the healing of a broken life. I did my best to put into it all the joy of the healing I myself experienced. Hannah said the audience responded very positively to the presentation. Pictured are Hannah with Linda Otto and Marlene Mish, Executive Director of the Children's Advocacy Center.

The benefit was a sucessful one, but the CAC needs ongoing support in their efforts to give abused, neglected and traumatized children another chance at childhood. If you would like to do something to help, here's the link to their website:Children's Advocacy Center of Jackson County. You can also call them at (541) 734-5437.

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