Monday, May 24, 2010

Dharma School

Yesterday I facilitated a Mandala Coloring Class at the Dharma School at the Buddhist Center I attend.  (KSC in Ashland.)  I was totally amazed at the spontaneity and joy that arose when the children colored.  They lack the "inner critic" that so many adults, including myself, have when doing the same task.  After they colored, the children and teachers shared what they like about each other's coloring.  What mindful and detailed feedback the children gave.  I left feeling joy, exhilaration, and gratitude that I had this opportunity.  A sixteen year old girl named Emma, who helps teach the younger children also colored a mandala and added words to go with what she colored.  The words she added were:
                                                      May no harm come to you
                                                      May you be at peace
                                                      May your eyes be deep like the sea
                                                      May your heart be solid like a  mountain
                                                      And may your mind be free like the sky

Here is a picture of her mandala.
 Thanks Emma for your generosity in sharing this!                                   


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