Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pressed Flower Bookmark Recipe

Bookmark Recipe

1. Cut velum paper in 7"x 2" rectangle shapes
2.  Glue on asparagus fern in a garland design.  See above example
Use small dots of white glue.
3.  Create a design before gluing,using the flowers you have.
4.  Glue design down
5.  Sign your name at the bottom of the bookmark
6.  Put touches of liquid glitter in places you choose.
*When the glitter dries you can put the bookmark in a
flower press to flatten it if you like.
7.  Laminate bookmark and trim.
8.  Punch hole at the top and put on a ribbon.

The bookmark shown in the picture here has not yet been laminated.
I will show a picture after I do that.


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