Sunday, January 15, 2012

Psychology Today Article About Mandalas

I  was reading an article from "Psychology Today" about Mandalas. It is entitled, "Cool Art Therapy Intervention #6:  Mandala Drawing" by Cathy Maichiodi.  So many of the conclusions she reaches I have come to from my own experience of teaching mandala classes.  I would like to share some of her insights with you.  She says that the evocative and health-giving power of the mandala is much more than just symbol-finding.  "It is really the creative process of making mandalas that helps us revisit the univeral experience of the circle and, as Jung found, helps us to experience and reflect on the essence of who we are in the here and now."  She feels that drawing a mandala can be a very relaxed and meditative experience.  If you create a series of drawings over a period of weeks or months you may will find that the content changes along with your personality, emotions and experiences. 

According to Jung, mandalas symbolize "a safe refuge of inner reconciliation and wholeness."  They have the potential to call  forth the univeral within.  They give us the experience of wholeness in out chaotic and face paced lives.  It is a very wonderful art therapy intervention for soothing the soul and meeting oneself.

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