Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mandala Drawing Group

My friends Diane, Susan and I are working through Judith Cornell's book, "Mandala, Luminous  Symbols for Healing".  In this book through using white colored pencil on black paper she helps us learn to create a scale of light.  Last night we created a healing symbol for ourselves in a meditation she did on the CD that comes with the book.  She feels we can spontaeously discover within ourselves symbols for constructin a healing mandala.  I had some fears and anxiety going into this exercise but was delighted with what I came up with.  I created in black and white a tree symbol which I will post when I finish the black and white drawing.  I wanted a symbol for receptivity as I tend to be more of a giver than a receiver and know for my own healing I need to receive graciously as well as give.  After the black and white drawing is done we will add color to the white again creating scales of light with the color.  Participating in this group has been an exciting journey.  This book can be purchased through amazon.com as well as in alot of book stores.  I highly recommend it if you want to use mandalas for your own healing.  It is a very well thought out program and the CD with the meditations and instruction make it easy to do on your own or in a group.

In my pressed flower art I learned how to green the leaves in a way that looks natural with copic markers.
It is only since I joined the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild that I learned this.  I had been using acrylic paint which is too thick.  The markers have more of an opaque look to them and the leaves look more true to form.

Well, I must sign off now to meditate and then do some creating!

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