Monday, May 23, 2011

Making a Sacred Connection with Nature

Diane, Susan and I continue to work in the "Mandala, Luminous Symbols for Healing" book by Judith Cornell, Ph.D.  Our last class session focused on Making a Connection with Nature.  Judith Cornell talked about how most indigenous cutlures perceive all life forms as sacred--a part of divine manifestation.  Interconnected, they form a symphony of nature that feeds and nurtures us on our spiritual journey.  On a CD that comes with the book she guides in meditation to come up with images of birds or animals that will help us heal our connection with nature.  The picture shown was created by Diane after this meditation.  It is done with colored pencils.

Diane and I got together this week and came up with plans to offer a 7 week course using Judith Cornell's book as a guide for creating luminous mandalas for healing.  There are a few more details we have to firm up and then I will post the details on my mandala class page on my website.

" accord with the Eastern conception, the mandala symbol is not only a means of expression, but works
an effect.  It reacts upon its maker.  Very ancient magical effects lie hidden in this symbol....the magic of which has been preserved in countless folk customs."  - C.G. Jung

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