Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Fall: Time to Pull In and Create....Wedding Bouquet

Summer has been a whirl of traveling and social events and I realize it is now time to pull in and create.  One of the most memorable of the social events was my neice's wedding in Seattle.  She is my only neice and a very special person so I was so happy to see her marry a wonderful man and create a time to celebrate and see relatives I hadn't been in touch with for several years.  For her wedding present I am pressing her wedding bouquet and framing it.  It has been quite a project as it was a beautiful big bouquet with lots of flowers.  The gerbera diasies have taken the longest to dry out and yet they came out looking very colorful.
The bouquet was originally mostly pink but in the pressing the hydrangeas turned a nice lavender color and the gerbera daisies, a deep violet.  I am beginning with gluing down the stems and outer small flowers and the largest flowers.  Then I will add the flowers in the middle.  There is a picture displayed of where I am right now.  I will post more pictures later.

The Mandala:  Luminous Symbols for Healing class that Diane and I will be starting Sept. 14 is full and we have one on the waiting list.  We are both excited about teaching this as we have done the process ourselves and have seen some amazing results in our lives.

Well, must return to my studio........

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