Saturday, September 17, 2011

Framing While Waiting

I need to leave the wedding bouquet at the graphic designers until next Wednesday.  So yesterday, my husband Buzz and I sealed my "Fairy Garden" picture in a method I learned from the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild.  Marie Ann Robinson and Pat Smith who are WWPFG members were especially helpful to me in learning this process.  Since I injured my finger last week I needed some help from Buzz.  We sandwiched UV glass, the pressed flower picture and myler and sealed it with aluminum tape and added to the back side of the picture silica gel packets and oxygen absorbers before the final sealing.  It was quite a relief we did this as this has been such a missing peice for me and has prevented me from wanting to sell my original pressed flower work.  Next I will put a matt in the frame with glass and the sanwich and put bracketts to hold the sandwich down and then back it with brown paper.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!  This will keep the picture much fresher and the flowers will keep their color longer.   More later.....

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