Sunday, October 9, 2011

Luminous Mandala Class/Discovering a Personal Healing Symbol

Our next exercise in the class was to help participants discover a personal healing symbol.  First they set a clear intention for healing.  It could be physical, emotional or spiritual healing or they could just want to discover who they really are.  The meditation guided participants to be receptive to a symbol and to be a channel for their spiritual center rather than using their ego to invent a symbol intellectually   They were encouraged not to reject a symbol even if they didn't understand it.  Then they drew the symbol with white pencil and then created a scale of light.  In our next session they will begin to add color. These symbols are very powerful as they come from unconscious place rather than an intellectual place.  Several of the students have given their permission for their black and white drawings to be posted.  I am grateful for their sharing as you can see the power of this exercise. 

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  1. These are so beautiful! I wish I could have been in your class. I still think the best luminous mandala is a full, bright moon against a black night sky, with maybe just a few wisps wafting over it. :)