Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lumunious Mandala Class

In the second chapter of the Mandala:  Luminous Symbols for Healing, the participants were ask to draw an outline of their hands and then to illluminate their hands with a scale of light.  This exercise helps to develop will power through inner visioning to move the healing life force through the body and hands.  In the meditation before drawing participants are ask to visualize radiant energy from the center of their heart and feel love and send it flowing out the hands through the tips of the fingers.  In the book, Judith Cornell says,
"After deep prayer, and in a state of unconditional love, the healers(from many spiritual traditions) use the power of will and mind to direct this light(prana of life force) through their hands to those in need of healing.
The laying on of hands, therapeutic touch, loving embraces, and most physical acts of creation involve the hands as powerful ministers and architects of our thoughts".

The hand outline drawing and illumination shown here was created by one of our class participants, Melissa York.

In Chapter 3, Judith Cornell will teach us how the create radiant symbols for healing.

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  1. I love the black and white! The shading almost makes it seem 3D. With the hands, I'm not sure which is in front, and I like that illusion. They all have value, strength.... Great mandala!