Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Luminous Mandala Work/ One on One

We didn't have enough people to do a Luminous Mandala Class this time and one person really wanted to do the class so I decided to do the class with her one on one.  We met this morning and began the process.  We did the first two exercises from Chapter 1, Mandalas as Patterns of Light and Sound from the book,
Mandala, Luminous Symbols for Healing, by Judith Cornell, Ph.D.  The first exercise was "Creating a Scale of  Light".  I began with a meditation to set the scene for drawing and then had her do the drawing.  When she reflected on her drawing she said she discovered a seed of something new within her that she has had a protective "cyst" around that that has prevented it from coming out.  We then did the next exercise in the chapter "Expanding the Light Within" which began with a meditation and then followed by drawing.  In this drawing she felt like she freed the seed from her first drawing from the casing and energy flowed out with unlimited possibility.  She said the class was different than she thought it would be and had more to do with healing than she thought it would.  She said the meditations in the class really helped her free her mind.  This is such a profound book and step by step method of using luminous symbols for healing. 

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