Monday, August 20, 2012

Adding Background Mountains and Garden Background

Today I added the background mountains.  It was challenging as I wanted them to look like the mountains that surround Issaquah, Wa. I am creating this peice for someone who lives there.  The mountains are steep with alot of evergreen trees.  I played with several designs before I came up with one that looked realistic.  I was in Issaquah about two weeks ago so had a pretty fresh picture in my mind of what the mountains looked like.  After adding the mountains I added some background greenery with different textures for what will become the garden.  So the picture will rest for the evening and I will return tomorrow to start creating the garden and adding color. It truly takes some much patience to work with pressed flowers.  They are so delicate and involve many intricate processes and yet I just love working with the natural material.  It feels good to hold the petals and leaves in my hands.  For me I paint with the flowers. 

1 comment:

  1. You do paint with flowers and beautifully I might add. I cannot wait to see the finished picture, so far it looks great.