Sunday, August 19, 2012

Commissioned Garden Picture

I began working on the garden picture and started with the sky.  I used light blue, white and medium blue blossoms and tried to create sky with a variety of colors with some clouds.  The clouds will be a back drop for some small trees and they will show up better on the white.  Gluing the blossoms down takes alot of patience as glue sticks work best with hydrangeas(don't cause brown spots like liquid glues) and they are pretty sticky to work with and I have to be careful not to tear the petals.  I have attached a picture of the sky I created.

Next I will create the landscape to go in front of the clouds that will be above the garden.  I will treat the greens before I glue them so they will keep their color longer.  It is really fun doing the picture section by section and then in the end seeing it all come together.  The whole process takes some time but I really enjoy it and love working with the natural beauty of  the flowers.  I have learned so many wonderful techniques since joining the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild that will make my art more lasting.  I have also been inspired to see high quality artwork done by other pressed flower artists.

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